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Our Company

Hello !  We are two sisters, Nicole and Marilena. Frolic Stones is our venture in the handmade jewelry area - and beyond ! Our involvement in this activity goes back to 2009 and has been for us a way to express our creativity, acquire pleasure, but also a means to provide us with the strength to cope with the difficulties of everyday life.


Over time, without even realizing how, this occupation became something more than mere hobby. Then one day, we suddenly realized that the jewelry making lessons we were taking and our long hours of daily creation, consumed more and more of our time. At the same time, our circle of friends embraced our creations with an unexpected enthusiasm.

And so, the idea of turning our hobby into a full time job, came naturally. Besides, who wouldn’t love to earn money from what he loves doing ?


What we needed then, was a name. After a short period of brainstorming, we came up with “Frolic Stones”. We feel that this name combines the concept of colorful stones and the “rock” attitude of the modern, independent woman, thus perfectly reflecting the playful and creatively cheerful nature of our product range.


Our shy first steps were made by promoting our creations to our social circle. The positive response we enjoyed, made us move quickly towards the next step: the then-growing market of Athens’ hand made jewelry bazaars.


The next chapter in our story lies before you: our e-shop was launched in 2012. As is often the case with startups, we were (and still are) doing a bit of everything: from product creation, photo shooting, web site development and e-shop updating, to order management and advertisement.


The most recent link in this chain of events is our Athens shop, located at the northern suburb of N. Erythraia. You see, we at Frolic Stones believe that although the future lies in e-commerce, nothing can substitute the sense of interacting with an object designed for personal use and the feeling of contacting the maker in flesh and blood !


At the same time, our exhibition space allows us to enrich our collection with a variety of products, which would be difficult to be presented  in a website. In our shop, except for our own creations, you can now find handmade fashion items by carefully selected creators, but also our own accessories imports with items such as scarves, handbags etc


Let the good colors roll !